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Further geotechnical and geophysical surveys across Morecambe site

Following the surveys undertaken last year, a further phase of deep-sea geotechnical and geotechnical surveys is due to be undertaken at the Morecambe Offshore Windfarm project site – starting in April 2024.

The survey vessel will collect seabed data from different locations across the project area, within which the proposed wind farm array will be located.

This survey activity is due to be completed by July 2024 and is subject to weather conditions (dates may change at short notice). An Offshore Fisheries Liaison Officer will be onboard, managing sampling locations across the development site. A clearance zone of 500m around each sampling location is being requested, however in order to minimise disruption to fishers, any fishing gear will be worked around, meaning clearance of the site is not requested.

To view the Notice to Mariners in full, click here.

The findings from these most recent surveys will, alongside other survey result sets, play an active role in influencing the end design of the Morecambe Offshore Windfarm.

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